Gayle Kihn


Gayle Kihn


I’m Gayle Kihn. And yes…I am by no means a person with huge followers or a fan club to brag about (Huh? Don’t even know what a fan club is. Lol) I’m your average gal with dreams (like we all have) and a past filled with blessings, sad times, great times, mistakes, lessons learnt, regrets…you name it. Each and every one of us have a story to tell, and every story is different because we ARE all different. The commonality lies in what we desire for the future. It may be that:
• You want a life that is less stressful
• Have more time available to spend with your family/friends
• Not having to wake up in the morning and answer to your boss all day
• The need to work your own hours and not trade your time for money
• The freedom to travel and still earn revenue
• The satisfaction of being financially independent
The list goes on.

I’m definitely not going to share every little story of my life with you (I’d have to pay you for your silence). But to put it in a nutshell: My upbringing was amazing. My parents brought my sister and I up with good morals and we treasured the closeness we shared. When I was a teenager, my Dad always asked me “Snoeks, what do you want to be when you grow up?” And my answer for years was the same “A dolphin trainer Dad”. My Dad is a wise business man with a heart of gold, and his reply also remained consistent over the years “That’s a great hobby Sweetheart, but it’ll be just enough money for your bread and butter. What are your other dreams?” I was speechless. I didn’t have a clue.

Long story short, I went to university, got a good education from ‘many’ institutes, in ‘various’ industries, and tried to make a success from there. Oh boy, did the rollercoaster ride begin! My family used to rag me that I’ve studied everything under the sun except for plumbing! Oh, and if there was a course for ‘how to socialize to your best advantage’…hell yes, I would’ve got honours!

I worked for various companies, I managed 2 of my own companies (one was successful, the other average). But to be honest, I wasn’t the success I was hoping for.

I had many gripes about my past jobs:
• My boss wasn’t seeing my potential
• The traffic to and from the office was a frustration
• The politics in the office were unbearable
• I would be too exhausted when I got home to actually be a fun Mom to my girls
• The pay cheque at the end of the month was never enough
• Negotiating a salary increase was like pulling teeth

Then, when I had my own business, the gripes were different:
• Managing employees was a challenge
• It was stressful knowing I was liable for the monthly overheads
• During the rough times, I knew I was still responsible for the families of the people I employed
• Trying to differentiate yourself amongst the competition was a challenge
• Trusting suppliers and being let down at the last minute

And once again….the list could go on.

So to get back to basics….Yip, I’m an average gal with past experiences that have got me nowhere. Not due to a lack of trying…but due to working HARD and not working WISELY.

I always blamed myself for making bad decisions, losing focus, trusting too easily, being guided in the wrong direction. But hey, the pity party was over!

Even though I consider myself to be an intellectual person and very confident in my abilities, I do wish I had a mentor that could’ve saved me years of teething problems and doubting myself.

So, besides all my trivial regrets and failures, my biggest regret is not having the mentors I have now.

The SFM mentors have changed the way I see success. They have helped me focus on what counts, and now I realize, that trading time for money is not the solution to our problems. As they say, never try reinvent the wheel, instead, think wisely, and leverage off the models that have already proven successful…and leverage off that to make it work to your benefit.

The famous quote:
Money can’t buy you happiness

I couldn’t agree more. I have friends that have bank balances where I lose count of the zeros, but yet their inner happiness is zero. Very sad, but true.
We can never rely on money to make us happy, but if we are able to make money, we can use that money as a resource to eliminate the unnecessary stresses that we endure today.


I’ve spent hours researching this deep topic, and everyone has their own personal outlook /opinion on the subject.

Personally, I think success is categorized into:
• Personal /Self
• Financial/wealth
• Social
• Health/wellness
So what Categories above do you feel that you’ve been successful at?

For me: (What I need to work on and what success means to me)
• Self: I need to break the habit of being impatient.
To be successful in your ‘self’ is to feel inner peace, self-satisfaction and to have pride in the person you are.
• Financial: I wish I had found the SFM Mentors years ago.
Financial success to me means the freedom to work anytime and anywhere and associating yourself with a product or service that you believe in and are passionate about. If you’re loving what you do, it’s not a job.
• Social: I need to learn to let go of people that have a negative impact on my life.
In my mind, being socially successful is to surround yourself with like-minded people, and people that inspire you. That should ultimately be a balance of friends and family.
• Health: I have really bad lungs and need to work on improving my fitness.
We only get given one body in our lifetime, and taking care of our health is number one priority. A balanced diet, regular exercise and waking up feeling energized – that is the ultimate goal.


I knew I had to change my life. I wanted the freedom to choose what I was passionate about and use that as my starting point. I’ve always loved learning new skills and have always been motivated to take on a new challenge – it makes me feel empowered. But I didn’t want to go in circles like I had before. With the world being a digital explosion, I knew I wanted to use my passion to start my own online business.

At this point, I still didn’t know where to start, or more accurately, what would I even market?

There are hundreds of online mentorship training programs out there, and many of them catch your eye with the common one-liner “GET RICH QUICK’. If there was such a program, everyone would be doing it. I did stumble on a few that I tried, but there never seemed to be sufficient long-term support. I am by no means a tech guru, which is why I needed a specific training program that offers ongoing support and guidance.

This led up to me spending months doing research (Google is my friend). Fortunately, that’s where my online business education journey all began. It’s been a life changing venture that I wish I had started years ago.

There’s no looking back now and I am grateful for taking that first leap with SFM.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.